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A small number of people, led by Silicon Valley billionaires and Wall Street private equity firms, want to legalize and commercialize marijuana for profit.

While we believe that people should not go to jail for smoking marijuana, nor should people carry criminal records for low-level marijuana use, big money special interest groups are funding legislation and initiatives in several states to allow for the following:

NO effective regulation on advertising. That means we could soon see coupons and advertisements like these in ordinary newspapers and magazines.


Marijuana edibles like gummy bears, chocolates and cookies will be legal.



Why Should You Be Concerned with Legalization?

Major medical associations oppose wide-scale marijuana legalization.
They don’t want to allow companies to profit from addiction. We agree.

Major medical associations opposed it, and no major national medical organizations agree with state-sanctioned programs that allow for raw marijuana as medicine. Learn more here

The groups funding the fight for this law want the loosest law possible – and they eventually want to legalize all drugs.

Special interests would like to legalize marijuana and all drugs. The experience in Colorado so far shows that the marijuana industry relentlessly advertises to youth and promotes drug use. Tax revenue in the state has not come close to reaching its projections, and the state’s underground market is still thriving. Read these recent articles from the New York Times and other sources for yourself to see how badly the experience has been so far: