SAM Action Victory Against Measure 3 and Local Control in Michigan

SAM Action has been extremely active working to defeat legalization at the ballot box and at the local level.

In 2018, SAM Action fielded two campaigns against marijuana legalization efforts in North Dakota and Michigan. In North Dakota, the legalization initiative was one of the most wide-open legalization ballot measures in history. It would have allowed for limitless THC potency and possession amounts and would have even made it hard for law enforcement to prosecute marijuana-impaired driving offenses. 

Thankfully, due to the hard and dedicated work of supporters and volunteers, SAM Action led a winning campaign that defeated the legalization initiative 59% to 41%, the largest margin of victory on such a ballot measure in history. 

Though our efforts in Michigan were unsuccessful, SAM Action vowed to continue the fight by working with local communities to ban pot industry activity. Our effort on that front has been extremely fruitful, with more than 1,400 communities, totaling 79% of the state, banning marijuana dispensaries and other industry activities.